Money and Energy Saving Tips for Heating your Home: Part 2

The best time to make a move toward higher energy efficiency with your HVAC system is when you need to replace it, especially your heating system. An expert heating and AC contractor can show you heating systems that have remarkably high efficiency that will cut your gas bills by as much as 20 percent. 

Look for the bright yellow EnergyGuide label that tells you what the furnace's features are and how its energy costs compare to others on an annual basis. An experienced heating and AC contractor will help you choose the best systems that are the most efficient with the lowest operating costs, like: 

  • Condensing furnace. These are among the newest types of heating systems available. They use the heat from the water vapor that the furnace creates by burning gas. Instead of sending that vapor up the chimney, they put it through a second heat exchanger. It takes all the heat out of the water vapor to heat your home and sends the condensed water outside through a drainpipe. 

  • Variable-speed air handler. Found on both air conditioning and heating equipment, these systems run at different speeds based on your home’s need for conditioning. They run at slower speeds most of the time, which saves energy and money. They also run more quietly than single-speed HVAC equipment.  

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Money and Energy Saving Tips for Heating your Home: Part 1

Air conditioning and heating a home accounts for about half the annual energy budget in most homes. Over the years, air conditioning and heating contractors have found more efficient HVAC equipment developed to help people save money when heating and cooling their homes as well as lowering their energy consumption.

Furnace Efficiency Ratings

Today’s high efficiency furnaces use far less fuel than their predecessors because of upgraded technology and methods for extracting heat. Combustion furnaces’ heating efficiency is measured by AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).  While homeowners do not need to become experts on analyzing percentages, they should know maximums and minimums.

For instance, the minimum AFUE for furnaces stands at 80 and the most efficient close to 99. A furnace with a 99 AFUE uses all but one percent of the fuel it burns for home heating.

As experienced heating and AC contractors, we would recommend that people who have larger homes or have the need to keep their homes warm throughout the winter season consider a high efficiency system. Upgrading to a highly efficient furnace saves nearly 20 percent more fuel, and money, than the least efficient system available.

How They Work

These systems, called condensing furnaces, use two parts to collect the heat. The first is the typical heat exchanger and the second uses advanced technology to extract the heat that would normally go up the chimney.

A heating and air conditioner contractor like Chad’s AC Direct in Montgomery can help you decide if a high efficiency furnace is your best option for heating your home. We’re available at (334) 234-2211 Monday through Friday to answer your questions about air conditioning and heating.

Tips for Maintaining the Best Temperature in Your Home: Part 2

Like all things mechanical, your air conditioning and heating systems needs preventive maintenance to ensure your home remains at the best temperature and runs as efficiently and safely as possible. The small investment it takes to keep up your HVAC maintenance pays off by keeping the need for repair down and giving you greater peace of mind and lower energy bills.
Safety Considerations
Even though HVAC systems are engineered and manufactured with the highest standards for safety, they need periodic inspection by a good heating and air conditioning contractor to prevent potential problems. Furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners carry some risks. Gas furnaces can emit carbon monoxide and heat pumps and air conditioners have wiring that could overheat.

A professional heating and AC contractor knows where to spot any issues that could threaten home safety and prevent potentially expensive repairs after the fact. Clogged vent flues and dirty or corroded electrical components are hazards that are entirely preventable with professional maintenance.
Energy Efficiency
The only way to maintain the best temperature in your home without having high energy bills is through maintenance. As HVAC pros go through your system, they bring the system back to the manufacturer’s specifications to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. Without regular maintenance, the wear and tear the HVAC systems experience could get amplified and not only increase their energy usage, but actually fail prematurely.
Warranty Protection
If your system is still under warranty, the manufacturer may require proof of maintenance to keep it active. Besides helping to maintain the best temperature, preventive service could save a good deal of money on emergency repairs. 

The air conditioning and heating experts at Chad’s AC Direct in Montgomery, Alabama are available 24/7 to help you with preventive maintenance. Please feel free to call us today at (334) 234-2211 to schedule an appointment to ensure your HVAC systems are running as safely  and as efficiently as possible.


Tips for Maintaining the Best Temperature in Your Home: Part 1

Ask any heating and air conditioning contractor about the most effective way to maintain the best temperature indoors, and you’ll hear a simple answer: regular maintenance. It’s a two-pronged effort by you and your trusted heating and cooling contractor. Without air filter changes and professional attention, your HVAC system won’t live up to its energy efficiency rating and dependable operation. 

Why Filters Matter 

The air filter traps particulates that would otherwise settle on the parts inside the air handler. As it collects dust, the airflow through it starts to slow and it will take the system longer to heat or cool your home. Dirty filters also contribute to premature part failure because of the longer running time and excessive dust that collects in the air handler. 

Professional Maintenance Is Crucial 

When a HVAC technician goes through your equipment, he cleans and adjusts all the component to bring them up to original factory specifications as much as possible. Without this maintenance, energy bills increase and sudden breakdowns are more likely, leading to heating and A/C repair. 

The maintenance check will spot any problems associated with the system, like ductwork leaks that make it difficult to maintain the best temperature throughout your home. Dirty electrical components reduce efficiency and cause dangerous levels of heat to build on or inside them. All gas and oil heating systems need periodic inspection to assure safe operation.
We’re available 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for all your heating and AC installation, repair and maintenance needs. If you want to maintain the best temperature for comfort throughout your home, please call Chad’s AC Direct in Montgomery, Alabama @ (334) 234-2211 to schedule a visit today and we’ll gladly assess your equipment and home comfort issues.


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