Tips for Maintaining the Best Temperature in Your Home: Part 2

Like all things mechanical, your air conditioning and heating systems needs preventive maintenance to ensure your home remains at the best temperature and runs as efficiently and safely as possible. The small investment it takes to keep up your HVAC maintenance pays off by keeping the need for repair down and giving you greater peace of mind and lower energy bills.
Safety Considerations
Even though HVAC systems are engineered and manufactured with the highest standards for safety, they need periodic inspection by a good heating and air conditioning contractor to prevent potential problems. Furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners carry some risks. Gas furnaces can emit carbon monoxide and heat pumps and air conditioners have wiring that could overheat.

A professional heating and AC contractor knows where to spot any issues that could threaten home safety and prevent potentially expensive repairs after the fact. Clogged vent flues and dirty or corroded electrical components are hazards that are entirely preventable with professional maintenance.
Energy Efficiency
The only way to maintain the best temperature in your home without having high energy bills is through maintenance. As HVAC pros go through your system, they bring the system back to the manufacturer’s specifications to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. Without regular maintenance, the wear and tear the HVAC systems experience could get amplified and not only increase their energy usage, but actually fail prematurely.
Warranty Protection
If your system is still under warranty, the manufacturer may require proof of maintenance to keep it active. Besides helping to maintain the best temperature, preventive service could save a good deal of money on emergency repairs. 

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