Money and Energy Saving Tips for Heating your Home: Part 1

Air conditioning and heating a home accounts for about half the annual energy budget in most homes. Over the years, air conditioning and heating contractors have found more efficient HVAC equipment developed to help people save money when heating and cooling their homes as well as lowering their energy consumption.

Furnace Efficiency Ratings

Today’s high efficiency furnaces use far less fuel than their predecessors because of upgraded technology and methods for extracting heat. Combustion furnaces’ heating efficiency is measured by AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).  While homeowners do not need to become experts on analyzing percentages, they should know maximums and minimums.

For instance, the minimum AFUE for furnaces stands at 80 and the most efficient close to 99. A furnace with a 99 AFUE uses all but one percent of the fuel it burns for home heating.

As experienced heating and AC contractors, we would recommend that people who have larger homes or have the need to keep their homes warm throughout the winter season consider a high efficiency system. Upgrading to a highly efficient furnace saves nearly 20 percent more fuel, and money, than the least efficient system available.

How They Work

These systems, called condensing furnaces, use two parts to collect the heat. The first is the typical heat exchanger and the second uses advanced technology to extract the heat that would normally go up the chimney.

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