Money and Energy Saving Tips for Heating your Home: Part 2

The best time to make a move toward higher energy efficiency with your HVAC system is when you need to replace it, especially your heating system. An expert heating and AC contractor can show you heating systems that have remarkably high efficiency that will cut your gas bills by as much as 20 percent. 

Look for the bright yellow EnergyGuide label that tells you what the furnace's features are and how its energy costs compare to others on an annual basis. An experienced heating and AC contractor will help you choose the best systems that are the most efficient with the lowest operating costs, like: 

  • Condensing furnace. These are among the newest types of heating systems available. They use the heat from the water vapor that the furnace creates by burning gas. Instead of sending that vapor up the chimney, they put it through a second heat exchanger. It takes all the heat out of the water vapor to heat your home and sends the condensed water outside through a drainpipe. 

  • Variable-speed air handler. Found on both air conditioning and heating equipment, these systems run at different speeds based on your home’s need for conditioning. They run at slower speeds most of the time, which saves energy and money. They also run more quietly than single-speed HVAC equipment.  

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